Circus Maximus - Isolate (2007)

Norveç, Progressive Metal

Darkthrone - Canadian Metal (Single) (2007)

Norveç, Black Metal
Canadian Metal
pass: Galadriel

Epica - The Divine Conspiracy (2007)

Hollanda, Doom/Gothic Metal
The Divine Conspiracy
pass: Galadriel

Alcest - Souvenirs D’un Autre Monde (2007)

Fransa, Melancholic Dark/Black Metal

Watain - Sworn to The Dark (2007)

İsveç, Black Metal

Amorphis - Silent Waters (2007)

Finlandiya, Progressive/Death/Doom Metal, Modern Rock/Melodic Metal
Silent Waters

Illogicist - The Insight Eye (2007)

İtalya, Technical Death Metal

The Red Chord - Prey for Eyes (2007)

USA, Technical Grind/Death Metal/ Metalcore

Nile - Legacy Of The Catacombs [best of/compilation](2007)

USA, Brutal/Technical Death Metal

Fall Of The Leafe - Aerolithe (2007)

Finlandiya, Melodic Death/Folk, Gothic Metal

In Lingua Mortua - Bellowing Sea:Racked By Tempest (2007)

Norveç, Melodic Black Metal/Progressive

Intense - As Our Army Grows (2007)

İngiltere, Heavy Metal
As Our Army Grows

Compos Mentis - Gehennesis (2007)

Danimarka, Melodic Death/Gothic Metal

King Diamond - Give Me Your Soul….Please (2007)

Danimarka, Heavy Metal

Ride The Sky - New Protection (2007)

Almanya, Heavy/Power Metal

Serpentor - Final Sangriento (2007)

Arjantin, Trash Metal
Final Sangriento


Lacuna Coil - Within Me [Single] (2007)

İtalya, Gothic Metal

Zonaria - Infamy And The Breed (2007)

İsveç, Melodik Death Metal

Ornias - Death Bringer (2007)

İsveç, Black Metal

Skinless - Regression Towards Evil (2007)

USA, Brutal Death Metal
Regression Toards Evil


Act Of God - Life Denied [EP] (2007)

Rusya, Melodic Black/Death Metal

Edenbridge - The Chronicles Of Eden (2007)

Avusturya, Power Metal
The Chronicles Of Eden

The Cursed - Room Full Of Sinners (2007)

USA, Heavy / Groove / Doom Metal


Gorefest - Rise to Ruin (2007)

Hollanda, Death Metal/Death'n'Roll

Marduk - Rom 5:12 (2007)

İsveç, Black Metal